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Who Knew – Cable Technology Turns Thoughts Into Actions!

Brown University has developed a computer system that allows a paralyzed person to use thoughts to become actions. A cable is plugged into electrodes in Matthew Nagle’s head. This allows him to image movements which then occur. He has moved a computer cursor, opened email and turned on a television. This was done with imagination and a computer program. The results have been reported in an issue of the journal Nature. Image the significance of this. Many people are paralyzed and unable t........ Read More

Home Improvement – New Solar Technology

Solar panel systems have always been criticized as bulky and unattractive. New solar technology is beginning to make such criticisms a thing of the past. Solar Advancement While everyone agrees solar energy is a clean, cost-effective energy source, there has always been one problem. The solar panel systems tended to be large and rather bulky. Frankly, they don’t add to the beauty of a home. While solar panel designs have improved over the years, a new development involving shingles is gett........ Read More

New Technology Features Make Tvs Incredible To Watch

The first domestic North American satellite to carry television was Canada's Anik 1, which launched in 1973. The TV signal transmitted to earth via a satellite, these devices are called transponders, they are located on the satellite, they retransmit signals from many different frequencies Satellites often provides more programming package choices. Technology has continued to advance through the years too and today there are more choices to choose from when buying a TV than ever before. Dish Net........ Read More

Magnetic Jewelry - New Technology For Pain Relief

The vast majority of people these days have a small ache or pain somewhere in their body which diminishes the quality of their life and of those there is a large portion of people who suffer debilitating pain on a daily basis that severely cuts down on their quality of life. There are numerous causes of this pain, both severe and mild, but there is a group of devices that can help both types of pain. These devices are magnetic jewelry. Magnetic jewelry can be used for a multitude of purposes d........ Read More

New Technology Brings Improved Diagnosis Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading killer of Americans. According to the American Heart Association, more than 13 million Americans are affected and, when diagnosing heart disease, using the best medical imaging technology available is crucial. Until recently, diagnosing heart disease was difficult without a costly and invasive surgical procedure, especially for patients with little or no history of a heart condition. But now, new medical imaging technology has vastly improved the area of computed t........ Read More

New Technology For Chronic Pain Relief

When we experience pain in any part of our bodies, it is usually an indication that something is wrong. The intensity of pain can range from mild and occasional to severe and constant. A sudden and sharp pain is called acute pain. It may either be mild that lasts for a short while, or may be severe that lasts for weeks or even months. Acute pain usually disappears as soon as the underlying cause of pain is treated or healed. However, when acute pain persists, it may lead to chronic pain. Even wh........ Read More

The New Form Of Business Information Technology

Business information technology has come a long way in just a few years. The day of researching various companies through hard cover books is all but gone now, replaced with a much faster and more accurate system of online research tools. As well, the same amount of research work that took a dozen people or more to conduct just a few years ago is now handled by one or two people. This is good news, especially for smaller companies who in the past were not able to afford the services of huge r........ Read More

Morphology - The New Technology Jargon

I chanced upon this book titled "The Morphology of Modern Linguistics" at the recently concluded 2006 World Book Fair in Singapore. Intrigued, I browsed Wikipedia, my favorite people's encyclopedia, for "morphology" which is featured under linguistics, mathematics and even biology. What about technology, especially in the current midst of trend changes, and especially in the case of information technology? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one obvious platform that experienc........ Read More

T.e.g.a.t.o. The New Technology For Your Success

TEGATO, a very strange word, but a strange word that will help you succeed in what you want and what you want to achieve or desire. Yes, it’s a new technology. If you are of average intelligence and have average memory remembering the technology is easy. T E G A T O. T is for Thinking. Before you start any project, or any thing you want to accomplish, you have to think about it, but what I’m asking is to think from it, and do the equation backwards, of how you are going to accomplish your d........ Read More

Rain Or Shine, New Technology Keeps Travelers Connected

As last year's hurricanes and tornadoes demonstrated, Mother Nature can be devastating. When the storms came and the power went, some people relied on high-tech innovations to cope. Skip Holmes and his family, for instance, turned to their vehicle's TracVision satellite TV antenna to stay constantly connected to live television updates. Rugged and durable, TracVision antennae pick up hundreds of channels of DirecTV satellite television, ensuring that travelers on the road - and people whose hom........ Read More

New Lens Technology Provides Alternatives To Lasik

Although LASIK surgery has become increasingly popular as a 15-minute outpatient procedure that produces almost instant visual improvement in many patients, it is not a foolproof solution for long-term health, especially for those younger than 20. Most eye prescriptions stabilize by age 18, but many continue to change throughout the 20s. Operating on developing eyes can result in poor outcomes. With the average cost of LASIK being about $1,710 per eye, physicians recommend waiting until the eye........ Read More

Youth Connect Communities With New Technology

From blogging to podcasting to creating online videos, 4-H youth are leading the way, using new media and communication tools to share breaking news, event coverage and educational information with their community. For example, the 4-H News technology club in Jefferson County, Wash., provides on-the-spot reports through video clips and podcasts posted to their 4-H Network News Web site. Club members have covered a fire in an historic hotel and a Red Cross disaster training exercise and conducte........ Read More

Classic Arcade Games Emulation On New Technology

You might wonder what an emulator is. Emulators allow your computer to act like a console system such as the Apple IIe or the Atari 2600, which are used to emulate the hardware of a variety of classic arcade games. Are all classic arcade games emulated? No, but those games made before 1992 are. Not all systems are easy to emulate. Why is there a need to emulate classic arcade games? There are three major reasons why: 1. Popularity – if the system is popular, even if it is classic, the more ........ Read More

New Computer Technology - When Is Enough, Enough?

New computer technology comes out continuously. As a computer consultant you probably want to keep up with all the new computer technology that comes along. You're most likely in love with technology - always looking for a new intrusion protection product to play with or another border-gateway protocol. What you have to realize is that your small business clients aren't experimenting with new computer technology and so you shouldn't be wasting your time investigating it. New Computer Technol........ Read More

How New Technology Can Help Claims Managers

Information technology (IT) has long been touted as the key to improved business processes. So, how is IT advancing to help make a claims manager’s life easier, better respond to patients' needs, meet mandated guidelines, ensure patient privacy, and bring efficiencies to the overall process? New advancements, such as electronic data interchange (EDI) systems that help connect insurers to patients and physicians, have already made their mark in the healthcare industry. Nearly every large provi........ Read More


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